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    B.V. (before virus) Lamar '59 Lunch Bunch in Houston - January 2, 2020
Lamar Lunch Houston - 2 Jan 2020
First Thursday of the first month of the New Year brought some of the best together in Houston at the Marathon Bldg cafeteria. We can view our classmates there both fore and aft.   Clockwise from immediate foreground: 
Wendell Mendell, Frank Kelly, Rick Lilliott, Thomas Stults, Robert Freedman, Arlen Ferguson, Bill Higdon, Sharon Rose Anderson, Rick McDowell, Frank Jones, Larry Hitt, Bette Azadian Leonard, Dee Post Zook-Bell.  Photo taken by Barbara Pickard, 2 January 2020. Note:  no gathering in Houston in May or June 2020.

   Lamar of the Future
 '59ers in Galveston:    24-26 October 2014       Click here
How Redskins Became Texians

Classmate Information

Paul Brindley, c. 1959

Ronnie Brieger, c. 1959

Elizabeth Blundell Carlton (1959)

John Ames c. 1959

Anne Weaver C. 1959

Jerry Mendell, c. 1959

Our most recent classmate news

new postingPaul Brindley Our classmate Paul Brindley, whom you may remember serving as Irari President, died peacefully on Thursday, 27 August 2020 at his home in Tiki Island Community, Galveston, Texas.  Our thanks to Art Faris for providing Paul's obituary which appeared in the Houston Chronicle and the Galveston Daily News.
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Ron Brieger - Bette Teachworth Brieger (Lamar '60) reports that her husband and our classmate Ron Brieger died peacefully in the company of two of his four sons and Bette, on Tuesday morning 9 June 2020 in St. Luke's Woodlands Hospital, Texas.  This was the end of a long journey, following 22 years with Parkinson's disease.
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Elizabeth Blundell Our classmate Elizabeth Blundell (Carlton) died peacefully on 17 May 2020 in Bedford, NY following a Life of social causes - see her obituary. 
Orenda page   Obituary  Houston Chronicle
John Ames Our classmate Mike Busby reports that John Ames died on Monday 7 October 2019 in Houston.  He had attended our 60th Reunion in March 2019 but suffered a stroke in June, and died after a long hospital stay.
Orenda page   Obituary    Houston Chronicle

Anne Weaver Our classmate Anne Weaver [Goodwin] died at 12:20 pm on Friday 9 Aug 2019 after an extended stay in Hospice Care in College Station, TX.  Her children, Hunter and Amy, know how much she treasured her relationships with classmates from Lamar High School.  Anne's celebration of Life occurred on Sunday 18 August 2019 at 3:30 pm at St. Mark's Episcopal Church, Bellville, TX.
  Amy has created this link to "The Anne Goodwin Collection" which provides Anne's autobiography.  Also this Shutterfly album shares Anne Weaver's memories, 1953-1965.   Additionally there is a nice 3-minute memorial video.
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Jerry Mendell - Our classmate Jerry Mendell died on Thursday 8 August 2019 at Hospice of East Texas in Tyler.  His Celebration of Life will be held at 6 pm on 15 October 2019 at Bullard First United Methodist Church, 204 S. Rather St, Bullard, TX 75757.  
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60th Reunion
60th Reunion PhotosProvides links to collections of photos as provided by our classmates from the 60th Reunion, 29-31 March 2019
60th Reunion AttendeesProvides the 'final' list of attendees for the 60th Reunion - yes, a few like Pat Haragan didn't make it, but ... here is the list!  
60th Reunion ActivitiesOur 60th Reunion  occurred in Houston during 29-31 March 2019.    Results:
           Plans        Attendees       Photos       T-shirts  
Message to the ClassOur classmate Sue Harlow (Frederick) did not attend our 60th Reunion, but sent this message (with photo) from Tennessee to you.
Classmates in Contact
59ers Lunch Bunch Wendell Mendell coordinates this monthly gathering of classmates at the Marathon Oil Building cafeteria in Houston.  Send your e-mail to to receive a reminder each month.  Or just show up!
Electronic OrendaOur class directory  based on our Orenda - even those folks who didn't get their photo in are featured here - with current hometown noted and a link to their Lamar memories and Class Photo location where known.   Send in your information to
50th Reunion
50th Reunion Report Prepared as an article on our 50th Reunion for Fran Callahan to publish in the Alumni Assocation Newsletter, this (2MB) PDF file provides an overall summary of our Reunion and the events of the weekend, with a few photos of interest.
50th Reunion Activities Our fun-filled weekend of November 13-15, 2009.  These five events were packed into three fun-filled days!  Click here to see the list of classmates registered to attend our 50th, from Anchorage to Naples.
50th Reunion Memories The remarks (as a PDF file) presented by Lynn Zarr and Sherry Strater at our 50th Celebration (Saturday Night, River Oaks Country Club, 14 Nov 2009).
 Photos from Reunions Photos from our other reunions (Fredericksburg in 2012, 50th in 2009) are shared here  - including a few from post-reunion activities.   Includes some suggested free on-line storage sites for sharing your pics.
In Memoriam Classmate obituaries and memorial sites.  Includes link to the current (PDF format)  list of deceased classmates. 
Helping Others
Hope ScholarshipsOur classmates Frank Jones and Sukey Fenoglio worked with the Lamar Alumni Association to establish some scholarships for "B" students at Lamar to attend college ("A" students have little trouble obtaining financial assistance).   Details here

Memories, Memories
Memory Album
A special collection where classmates are encouraged to share their memories of Lamar - and their life since.    Send your info  to     As needed:  MS Word file or  PDF file describing the Album and offering suggestions for submittals. 
50th Reunion Cruise Journal Ignatius Snigglefritz provides his personal journal from the 50th Reunion Cruise (September 16-26, 2009),  New York City to Quebec City.  
50th Reunion Reflections The essay (as a PDF file) composed for the 50th Reunion by Jon Hugh Fleming as appearing in the Reunion Directory.  "Through the loving union of our parents, we came to this good Earth during 1941...."  
Class Photo
Where are you in this panorama photo from November 1958?   Email your Row and Position number to if you're not already identified.   Click on one of the four sub-panels to actually see who is standing next to you. 
Lamar Lancers Here you have access to years of our Lamar Lancer papers, from  Sept 19, 1956 to May 14, 1959.  Fun reading!  
Pershing Chatters
Now available hereThanks to Wayne Shull, here are PDF files of some of the Pershing Jr High School newspapers from 1953-1956.
Fun Photos
Collection of the Senior Interest Photos from our 1959 Orenda - click on any small photo to see the larger version.
Activities Photos
Clubs, Football Photos from our 1959 Orenda - click on any small photo to see the larger version.
  Houston Photos
Provides link to some 40 historic photos of Houston during our formative years, plus comments and memories by classmates.
Commencement Exercise
Where were you on 2 June 1959 at 8 pm?   Why, in the old Sam Houston Coliseum, of course!   Click at left to display your Commencement Exercise program.  This is the only version that doesn't list Janet Junker in the Cabinet twice!  
Medicare Cruise Remember that milestone in 2006 when we reached the magic year of Medicare eligibility?  Here are photos and memories from some of the less mature members of our Class celebrating via a Medicare Cruise through the uncharted waters of the Gulf of Mexico.
45th Reunion The Class of 1959 45th Reunion Weekend:  Houston, April 30 - May 2, 2004 
Stories from '59 Some of Jon Hugh Fleming's memories from our days at Lamar - as delivered at the 45th Reunion.  [PDF file]
Roberts Elementary
  Roberts Elementary was a  feeder school to Pershing and Lanier, which fed Lamar.  Here are photos of some of our classmates back in 1951-1953.  Did we have a great childhood or what! 
40th Reunion One classmate's musings following the Class of 1959 40th Reunion Weekend:  Houston, April 11-12, 1999.
The Reunion Poem "Every five years, as summertime nears, an announcement arrives in the mail ..."   Thus begins this summary of class reunions, author unknown.  Kay Cole Segrato provided it for the Class of 1959.  If you want a version with  animated cartoons, go to this site and scroll down....
Back to the Fifties
Frank Jones suggests visiting this fun site that captures some of the spirit of our youth.   (For the 'full songs,' visit our Memory Album. )
Lost in the Fifties
A large file to download (about 6 MB) yet worth the time - fun collection of slides (PowerPoint) of 'how it was' during our high school years.

Other Lamar Sites
Lamar Alumni
This site provides information for all graduates of Lamar Senior High School, to include upcoming reunions and events. 
Class of 1958
Yeah, they're a lot older than us ... but didn't we date some of these people?
Class of 1957
At one time, the Class of 1957 had a nice web site which even included information on some of our teachers, e.g., Ms Hollingsworth, Mr. Gentry.  However, in 2019, all we can find is this incomplete commercial site.  Let us know if you find something better.  
Class of 1956
Nice job of integrating Class Bios and photos and videos where available - using web site. 
Class of 1960
They were so young back then ...  
Class of 1962
This is the In Memoriam site for the Class of 1962
Hey, you mean our High School is actually famous enough to have our own entry in Wikipedia?  With the River Oaks Blvd joke?   This is so cool!
Lamar High School
What is going on back at the mother ship?  Lamar today is an International Baccalaureate World School .... say what?
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