[above]  Bette Azadian reacts to rumors transmitted by Larry Hitt in this undated photo from the Cafeteria at Lamar High School.
The Rumors
      The 65th Reunion

  Half-truths, Fake News, and Innuendo - it's all here for you!

  Welcome to the ever-growing Lamar High School rumor guide for 2023.  What is likely, less likely and unlikely to transpire in the upcoming year?  Send us your predictions and nascent conspiracy theories.  From time to time we will bring in Snopes' Senior Assignments Editor with expertise in investigative storytelling, media literacy advocacy and digital audience engagement.

 Actual identifies are protected where possbile.  We're all about the science.

new postingsubmitted  by fax 10 March 2023:
Regards the "talk/discussion/unfounded rumors" of a Lamar '59er 65th Reunion in Summer 2024 I will relate the following strange story - kind of like something from the twilight zone.

 Last week I was in Clear Lake and just happened to drop by a so called "Gentlemen's Club" - I remember it well, there was a "professional entertainer" entertaining the patrons with special dance moves, etc and I was eavesdropping (innocently) on a conversation at the next table.

Did I mention there was a banner above the Club's entrance that was emblazoned "WELCOME NASA PHYSICISTS" - anyway I overheard the next table conversation -- & to kind of "set the stage" - - there was an attractive young lady performing unusual dance moves (a pole seemed integral to her moves) and there were 2 gentlemen sitting and enjoying themselves. I could see one of the 2 gentlemen, - however the second fellow was kind of hidden behind a support pole, I could only hear his voice as he was holding forth. He mentioned something about a street called River Oaks Blvd having a club at each end and that he was hoping one of the clubs would be staging a "reunion" next year - that he wanted to be involved.

Curious I got up and as I was making my way to tuck a $1 bill in the entertainer's costume I glanced at the fellow - pretty sure it was a guy I had seen many times in my LHS Physics Class (Mr Gentry's class) - not sure of the fellow's name but did remember that his 1st and last name rhymed. Something like Rendell Rendell. (Remember Major Major Major from Catch 22) I will try to find out the guy's name - A COINCIDENCE? - My stopping at this particular Gentlemen's Club - the Club welcoming "NASA Physicists"? I THINK NOT! The planets were aligned (or something like that).

Next week I will check out some of the other Clear Lake entertainment clubs and try to find out more information on this former classmate. He may be perfect for arranging a Reunion Party. NO need to thank me now, I will keep my eyes and ears open and will keep you advised.

PS: when I talked to the young lady (just before closing) she said that she was dancing at this club "to earn $ for her college tuition" at U of H. She said she had never done this before. I felt impressed so asked her to exchange the $1 bill I had just given her for a $5 bill. After the "exchange" she never came back to my table, I don't know why.

submitted  by email 11 March 2023:
Perhaps we should consider an alternate approch for our 65th High School Reunion - how about a 65th Reunion Cruise or Cross Country Caravan Tour? I note that the 60th was held 29-31 March 2019, and thus we are all but within the one-year planning cycle.  Take a look at those Caravan Tours - we could all meet in the departing city and they would take care of us after that.

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