Lamar '59 Lunches   [for 2014 and earlier lunches, click here]

Houston Group:  April 2017   Clockwise from left center:  Wendell Mendell, , Rick Lilliott, Bette Azadian-Leonard, Dee Post Zook-Bell, Lou Parks Gorski, Tish Compton Hale, Frank Jones.
2017 Apr - Frank w/ Suspenders
Houston Group:  February 2017 featuring Victor Driscoll
2017 Feb Lunch
Houston Lunch Bunch, 5 Feb 2017.  Small group but great chocolates!   [pictured clockwise, starting smack-dab in front:  Wendell Mendell, , Rick Lilliott, Tish Compton Hale, Dee Post Zook-Bell, Victor Driscoll, Arlen Ferguson, Frank Jones.
Jan 2017 Lunch Bunch - 005 - 193KB
Houston Lunch Bunch, 5 Jan 2017.  [pictured still standing, Left to Right:  Frank Jones, Rick Lilliott, Bill Higdon, Wendell Mendell, Larry Hitt, Art Faris, Fran Callahan (Executive Director of Lamar Alumni Association), Joe Beery, Lawrence Thompson, Arlen Ferguson, Tom Herren (who has completed half-marathons in both NYC and Houston in the past year).  
Seated:  Tish Compton Hale, Dee Post Zook-Bell, Lou Parks Gorski, Ann Knickerbocker McCullough.
Houston Group:  November 2016    

01 for real
Photos below supplied by Barbara Pickard shows the Houston Lunch Bunch, October 2016.  Nancy Culbertson DeLorenzo (seated), Dee Post Bell, Sukey Fenoglio, Joe DeLorenzo, Bette Azadian Leonard, and Tish Compton Hale join their '59 Lamar classmates for bi-monthly luncheon at the Marathon Oil Tower cafeteria.
Bette Azadian - GroupStanding
Rick Lilliott - trim1
Table Group 2
Table Group Standing
Photos above supplied by Barbara Pickard shows the Houston Lunch Bunch, October 2016.  Included at the gathering:  Rick Lilliott, Dee Post Zook-Bell, Bette Azadian Leonard, Sukey Fenoglio, ...
2016 August Lunch
Photo above supplied by Barbara Pickard shows the Bi-Monthly Houston Lunch Bunch, August 2016, Marathon Oil Tower cafeteria.  Included at the gathering:  Bill Higdon, Wendell Mendel, Rick Lilliott, Herbert Cull, Arlen Ferguson, Dee Post Zook-Bell, Larry Hitt, Thomas Stults.  

Lamar of the Future 
Lamar of the Future - 1 at 60%
Lamar Future - 2 - 60%

 Lamar of the Future  

Barbara Pickard obtained the above visions of the future from current Lamar HS Principal, Dr. James McSwain, at the 2 June 2016 Houston luncheon.
Houston Lunch Bunch - October 2013
59ers in Houston - Feb 2014  Lamar Lunch Bunch, Houston, October 2013

 [standing, left to right]: 
Rick Lilliott, Rick McDowell, Bette Azadian Leonard, Arlen Ferguson, Frank Jones, Thomas Stults, .
 [seated at table]:    Barbara Pickard.  
Houston Lunch Bunch in June 2013
June 2013 Lamar 59 Lunch Bunch - Houston
Lamar Lunch Bunch, Houston, June 2013:   [standing, left to right]:  Bill Higdon, Rick Lilliott, Arlen Ferguson, Anton "Tony" Ullrich, Lawrence Thompson Joe Keathley, Gail LaRue Layne, Herbert Cull,  Larry Hitt.  [seated at table, left to right]:    Barbara Pickard, Frank Jones, Sukey Fenoglio, Joe Beery, Thomas Stults.   Two too shy attendees ran out of the room just prior to photo:  Jim Jennings, Chris Black.
Houston Lunch Bunch in October 2012
Lamar Lunch Bunch - Oct 2012
Lamar Lunch Bunch, Houston, Oct 2012:  Gathered at the "Lamar Cafeteria" [Marathon Oil Tower, on the 10th floor of their adjacent parking garage], we see:  [standing, left to right]:  Arthur Faris, Maria Burke Butler, Jim Jennings, Wendell Mendell, Anton "Tony" Ullrich, Bill Higdon, Rick Lilliott, Cathryn Meldrum Conrad Joe Beery, Johnny Dull, Chris Black[Short row, standing. left to right]:     [queens for the day, seated in front]Barbara Pickard, Lou Parks Gorski, Dee Post Zook-Bell[attending at far right]:  Larry Hitt
Austin Lunch Bunch in December 2010
Classmates in Austin 12-10-2010  

... and in Austin !
At Nolan
Marye's Gourmet Pizza in Austin:  10 Dec 2010.

Notes from Austin:  "We had a really nice time at Maryes Gourmet Pizza. We discovered many of us live or have children living fairly close together. We talked more about what we do now, but, of course, recalled the goodole days at Lamar."

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