The Larry Hitt Collection
Fredericksburg Casual Reunion:   October 26-28  2012
Becker Vineyards Tour - Saturday Afternoon
Hattwicks with Betsy JohnsonStanley and Kathleen with Hattwicks
00. Becker Vineyards:  Winery Tour in Fredericksburg with (photo at left) Barbara and Mike Hattwick, Betsy Johnson Anderson.  (photo at right):  Stanley Peters and Kathleen Much with Mike and Barbara Hattwick.
Bednarski and Hittout in the snow?
0. Becker Vineyards:  Winery Tour in Fredericksburg with Kay Ann Johnson and Fred Bednarski, Sharon Anderson RoseLarry Hitt.  (photo at right)  Ladies, step away from the brewery!  Standing their ground are Maria Burke Butler, Sukey Fenoglio, Kathleen Much, (partial) Pat Shannon.
Total wine tour groupbarrels
1. Becker Vineyards:  Winery Tour in Fredericksburg 
Pat and LarryStan and Kathleen
2. Winery Tour in Fredericksburg:  Pat Shannon and Larry Hitt;  Stanley Peters and Kathleen Much;
Barbara and Mike Hattwick andat the tour
3. Barbara and Mike Hattwick, and Betsy Johnson Anderson enjoy the winery tour in Fredericksburg, TX,
more wine tourand more wine tour
4. All that signed up for the wine tour had a great time ... we note (from left) in the crowd Nick Kuntz, Pat Shannon Needleman, Sukey Fenoglio, Kathleen Much, Barbara Hattwick, Fred Bednarski, among others. 
wine tasting
5. .. and were able to taste some of the wine they had toured as well ...  
2 drinkers at bar2 other drinkers
5.5. Becker vineyards payoff - some of our best drinkers at the bar... Sharon Anderson Rose and her guest Shirley Miller show us how it's done;  at right:  Pat Shannon Needleman buys drinks for all at her end of the wine bar.
Alamo Springs Cafe - Saturday Afternoon
Alamo Springs Cafe - 3Alamo Springs Cafe - 2
6. Alamo Springs Cafe.. how will we ever have room for dinner at the Herb Farm?
Alamo Springs Table
6.6 Alamo Springs Cafe Table... Lamar's Cafeteria was never like this!   Clockwise, from left corner, we find:  Stanley Peters, Kathleen Much, Pat Shannon, Larry Hitt, Maria Burke Butler, Betsy Johnson Anderson, Barbara Hattwick, Mike Hattwick.
Herb Farm Dinner, Saturday Night
pumpkin soupBonnie - bright
7. Herb Farm Dinner - our hearts were in it.    Still newlyweds Mike and Bonnie Blackledge.
Herb Farm Table 2
Table 2. Herb Farm Dinner - the Lee and Glenn table.  Starting from left corner, clockwise:   Maureen Kuntz, Richard Dinwiddie, Martha Hansen Dinwiddie, James Davis, Martha Davis, Lee Chatham Seureau, Glenn Seureau, John Reeder, JeriAnn Whitcomb Colmer-Reeder, Kay Ann Johnson Bednarski, Fred Bednarski, and Nick Kuntz.
Table 4
Table 2b. Herb Farm Dinner - they can't pose for long at the Lee and Glenn table - who can you name now?
Table 3
Table 3. Herb Farm Dinner  (clockwise, from left foreground) Table 3 includes guest Shirley Miller, Sharon Anderson Rose, Mary Dale Ellis, Patti Walker Courtin, Susie Twedell Hirschy.  Then starting back on right side of table, we see:  Betty Farmer, Bob Farmer, Allen Daigle, Kay Clark Daigle.
Table 5
Butch Looney Table at  Herb Farm Dinner from Butch Looney's  viewpoint:  (clockwise from left foreground):  Carrie Robertson Allen, Mary Austin Moody, Johnny Dull, Stanley Peters, Mike Hattwick, Carol Childress Turner (standing).   Next faces visible:  Margaret Hoover Perkins, Karen Ashmore Taussig, Lou Ann Looney.
Table 6
Butch Looney Table at  Herb Farm Dinner from Hattwick's  viewpoint - you can figure 'em out now!   (OK, here's a hint:  Butch is at the head of the table with Sukey across from Louann Looney).  
Table 7
Rollo Storey Table at  Herb Farm Dinner - (clockwise from left foreground):  Laura Jane Winfrey Viverette, Barbara Pickard, Mike Blackledge, Bonnie Blackledge, Rollo, Jeremy Wicker, Cathryn Meldrum Conrad, Betsy Johnson Anderson, Lou Parks Gorski
Larry and Cathryn
The Photographer - Last Table Photo. Herb Farm Dinner:   Cathryn Meldrum Conrad and Larry Hitt
Farewell Brunch, Sunday Morning
Sunday Farewell Brunch
9. Cafeteria Table at Lamar HS, 50 years later ...  actually, the Farewell Sunday Brunch at The Inn on Baron's Creek.  (clockwise from foreground left):  Rollo Storey, Betsy Johnson Anderson, Carol Childress Turner, Barbara Pickard, Susan Twedell Hirshy, Mike Blackledge, Bonnie Blackledge, Pat Shannon, Lou Parks Gorski, Mary Dale Ellis.  Now, what healthy person left the banana and the apple?
Jeremy and Sukey
10. Kids Weren't Allowed at the Big Table ...  Jeremy Wicker and Sukey Fenoglio at the Farewell Sunday Brunch at The Inn on Baron's Creek.   What a great reunion!
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