Up the Down Staircase:  Lamar 59ers & Guests enjoy Attorney Allen and Mikey Isbell's 1916 home at Galveston Mini-Reunion, 24-26 October 2014.
Photos courtesy of  James Davis and Larry Hitt

dinner for six
Six for Dinner:   Clockwise, at Attorney Isbell's 1916 home:  Connie Guthrie Hogland, Susan Ellis Cooper, Sharon Anderson Rose, Fred and Kay Ann Johnson Bedarski, Nancy Culbertson DeLorenzo.
Where to sit?
Now Where Do We Sit?  Sharon Anderson Rose (reflected in mirror), Karen Ashmore Taussig, Mary Jennings, James Davis, Nancy Culbertson DeLorenzo.
Larry and Patti HittMargaret and Pat Shannon
Larry and Patti Hitt;   Margaret Hoover Perkins and Pat Shannon Needleman, held together by Tony Hale (friend of the Class)..   
Sandy Bonnie Mike
Oh yes, we could get used to this!   Sandy Henderson, Bonnie and Mike Blackledge appear quite at home, sipping lemon ginger mint coolers
and reviewing Orendas at Attorney Allen Isbell and Mikey's 1916 residence on 35th Street, Galveston.
  James Davis and Martha
Table Up Front:  Gail Melia and Bob Sternenberg;  Martha and James Davis.  
Karen with group
Just Like Lamar's Cafeteria:  Barbara Hoffman Johnson, Karen Ashmore Taussig, Betsy Johnson Anderson, Margaret Hoover Perkins
Buffet is open  

Which way to the buffet?   Lined up are Carol Childress Turner, Susan Ellis Cooper, Diane Melia, Nancy Culbertson DeLorenzo, Mary Jennings, James (and Martha) Davis.
Mike, Bonnie, serverDonna McDowell
Mike:  "Hey, Baby, give me a hug!"   Bonnie: "He'll never change!"     More understanding wives:  Mary Jennings and Donna McDowell
Jim Jennings James Davis
                  Jim and Mary Jennings                                          Nancy Culbertson DeLorenzo with James Davis
Larry and Patti standing Lovely standing
                           Larry and Patti Hitt                                                          Betsy Johnson Anderson with Mary Jennings
Mendells Bob Sternenberg
The Mendells:  Pam and Wendell, with Diane Melia (Bob's wife)          Bob Sternenberg, Rick and Donna McDowell, Diane Melia
Sandy and Tommy Henderson office wall
               Sandy and Tommy Henderson:  a Houston lawyer enjoys the scene from Attorney Isbell's office.  
at stairs  Sukey
        At the stairs:  Fred and Kay Ann Johnson Bednarski.                    Tish Compton Hale (Kinkaid HS) with Sukey Fenoglio
Susan and Barbara Taussig
                        Susan Ellis Cooper and Barbara Pickard                         Barbara Hoffman Johnson and  Karen Ashmore Taussig
  Fred and his girls
Fred with his ladies:   Fred and Kay Ann Johnson Bednarski, Sukey Fenoglio, Betsy Johnson Anderson, Maria Burke Butler
Classmates only
Classmates only, please!  Gathered on the grand staircase at Attorney Isbell and Mikey's home. Fill in the names. (Hint:  Jim Jennings is at the top of the stairs)

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