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Foothills BlogJill Garcia of our Foothills Substation provides this daily summary of property crimes.
You may be shocked to see how many crimes occur in the Albuquerque and Supper Rock area.  Click on and enter your address.  For example, the map shows over 300 crimes in Albuquerque in a one week period.
Past vandalism in the Supper Rock Neighborhood areas!
Open Space car break-ins:  At last year's SRNA meeting, APD Sgt Huston reported that in December alone, there were a total of 146 break-ins at the trailheads leading to Open Space.  For one example at our local (end of Copper) trailhead parking, see this PDF file
Four Hills home break-ins:  
How are they doing it?  
see this PDF file

Prevention and Awareness
Community Policing Council:  the APD Foothills Policing Council (CPC) is in need of new members.  Information on the overall Albuquerque program is here and the Foothills specifics are here.  
Chief's Overtime Program:  At last year's SRNA meeting, APD Sgt Huston described this "pay for patrol" program whereby APD officers can contract with specific neighborhood associations for additional patroling.  This ABQ Journal article describes the program, which has been heavily used by the Glenwood Hills Neighborhood.

Crime Summary from Foothills Area Command:  visit their web site and scroll down to view Latest APD Foothills News which lists recent crimes.  Log on to the APD Foothills Command Area web site and subscribe to "Foothills News"; you will receive automatic email notification whenever Jill Garcia (Foothills Area Command Crime Prevention Specialist) posts her daily watch notes and other crime prevention information.  That way you can get the actual activity notification within 24 hours after the crimes occur.
No Solicitors!  Our own APD Foothills Substation is now offering you a NO SOLICITORS sign free of charge.  Click here for details. Here are some other items from Jill Garcia, Crime Specialist at our Foothills Substation:
  • APD Foothills Area Command web site:; we have a web site now and want all citizens to sign on as subscribers (at the bottom of every page) and they will get automatic emails alerting them when I post to the web site.  I am currently posting Daily Watch Notes on property crimes in the past 24 hours, events, community workshops we are hosting, etc.  It's a great resource.
  • No Solicitors signs:  we have a new supply and they are available at the substation.  Just come by the lobby and get one; if you don't see one just ask one of our Office Assistants.  I've also placed the APD Crime Prevention handout on Door to Door Soliciting with the signs so our citizens can read about the ordinance.  The signs are the size of a license plate and are meant to be posted at the front door, front window or front gate to the home.
  • Foothills Substation Lobby:  we have a brief write up I did available for the public on the new chip-embedded credit cards rolling out this year and related crime prevention materials on ID Theft, Safety on the Internet, and Preventing Scams, Cons and Fraud.
Concerned with vandalism?  Mail or identity theft?  Do you want a Neighborhood Watch program on your block?  Click here for info or call Jill Garcia of APD at 924-3600.
Identity Theft:  What options exist for more secure mail boxes?
Supper Rock Park:  Security Concerns
Neighborhood Crime Statistics

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Jeffery Russell Substation Our Foothills Area Command of the Albuquerque Police Department is the only one which has its own web site.  Add to the calendar! Provides details and map of locations of last weeks arrests in Albuquerque

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