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Supper Rock Neighborhood Association is
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 Note:  Our next Neighborhood Association Meeting will be Saturday 4 June 2022.  Details below.

Neighborhood News

Egg Hunt !Egg Hunt ! Hey Neighbors, the SRNA Social Committee is having an egg hunt this Saturday, 16 April 2022,  at Supper Rock Park at 10 a.m.   We will set start setting up at 9:30 am. Please join us for the egg hunt!  After the egg hunt, we will discuss future social events. Rae Devon is the chair of the Social Committee and is looking for more members. You are welcome to come to discuss ideas you might have about future events even if you don't participate in the egg hunt! Come join the fun. We will have a designated area for toddlers. Hope to see you Saturday!

Homeless Task Force: Our District 9 Councilwoman Renee Grouts first priority is tackling homelessness and associated issues (crime, the environment, etc.). Renee is beginning to gauge interest from constituents who might be interested in participating in a task force that would learn about homeless issues and give recommendations on solutions. She’s not looking for experts, but concerned citizens who are willing to ask a lot of questions, learn about the issues, and brainstorm recommendations and best practices. If anyone in Supper Rock is interested, they can email either or both of us: or

SRNA Meeting at Manzano Mesa Multigenerational CenterThanks to all who attended our SRNA meeting on March 5th, the first since Covid restrictions were lifted. We are trying to increase membership and to enhance connections with our neighbors and have a strong community. A social committee was created, and Rae De Van has agreed to chair or co-chair this committee.  (see below).

Our next SRNA meeting will be on Saturday 4 June 2022 at 1 pm. We may meet at the Singing Arrow Community Center.  

Our Annual Meeting is held each Fall; for this meeting, we will meet on Saturday 17 September 2022 at 1 pm.  Check back for location.

 Many people have moved into Supper Rock this past year.  SRNA President Kathleen Schindler-Wright looks forward to welcoming you all.  You can join SRNA by mailing in this form. 

History and Culture Opportunities:  click here to see how much is available to you, as we begin to emerge from this Time of Covid!

New District Councilor:  Renee Grout, our District 9 City Councilor since 1 Dec 2021, has named her policy analyst: Rachel MillerRenee's office number is 505-768-3123 and her email is while Rachel's is (yes, two 'R's!)
Renee is creating a Homeless Task Force - ask her for more information and how you can help!

New Social Committee:   SRNA resident Rae deVan is offering to spearhead a Social Committee for our Neighborhood to encourage interactions among our residents.  The goal of the social committee will be to make this neighborhood feel like a community, where we know, help, and try to understand each other. We'd like to start by having some meet-ups where neighbors can get to know each other and eventually expand into regular group meetups by interest (seniors, play groups, etc.), form a network of people willing to assist neighbors with various tasks (e.g. babysitting, yardwork, grocery pickup), and to celebrate seasons and holidays (e.g. summer garden harvest trades or give-aways, Easter egg hunts, Winter solstice lighting of the parks). Successful cultivation of the community would provide a strong sense of safety, connection, and hopefully a sense that we are all in this life together.

   Rae envisions some general meetings and events throughout the year including block parties, summer harvest exchanges, senior meetups and playdates for families. If there is interest, we could incorporate events surrounding various holidays and include traditions from whatever background you have. Further, we could possibly create a network for folks who need assistance with household tasks, rides, babysitting. We could have events at Supper Rock Park and City View Park. We could maybe get neighbors interested in being a block captain.

About Rae:  "I originally came to NM for graduate school almost ten years ago, and like many others, became enchanted and entrapped and now call Albuquerque home. By profession I am an ecologist, but I am much more excited about my passions, spending time playing in and appreciating the outdoors, hanging out with friends and family, raising my daughter, and growing plants."  email:
Join SRNA: Download this form and mail it to P.O. Box 50577.  Questions? Contact the SRNA Board by email:  SRock692[at]comcast[dot]net

Foothills Command:  Police officers from the APD Foothills Command have been attempting to visit Supper Rock Park at their shift change - residents should feel free to talk with them about neighborhood concerns - they are there to help us!  

Our APS Board Member:   Elizabeth Armijo is our Board District #6 APS School representative.
  We are in District 7 for CNM and our rep there is Michael Glennon, former president of CNM.

Latest ABQ Neighborhood Newsletter:
Latest newsletter for Albuquerque Neighborhoods is now available to you at
this link.  

Tree-of-heaven Project:  Tree-of-heaven is an invasive tree in southwestern states that has been listed as a noxious weed in New Mexico.  Read more here.

Supper Rock NA sign:  You can see one of our Neighborhood Association display signs near our 'entrance' on Copper Blvd, just East of Tramway.  Our neighborhood web site URL ( is displayed there, as well as pertinent news for the neighborhood. We also have a second sign at the Encantado entrance to our neighborhood.  Continue to check this as well.

SRNA Membership:  Dues are $10/year.   Membership Form is here (PDF).

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Neighborhood Newsletter Click on the PDF link to read the latest news from the Office of Neighborhood Coordination, City of Albuquerque
Senior Citizens Hiking The city provides day hikes four to six times a week, leaving from Senior Citizen centers.  Hike the Jemez!  A van will take you and return you.

What's happening in Albuquerque?  Local blogs?  Check SRNAdipity 
Did you see that bird?  Brugge's Birds 

City Services:   Our City of Albuquerque has an excellent City Services Information Line:  dial 311.   This service is also found on-line here. 

Continuing Information of use to the Neighborhood 
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Where to take your hazardous waste, e.g., old paint and oil cans: information  here
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See the current Pollen Count in Albuquerque. 

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Legal notice:  Supper Rock Neighborhood Association is a nonprofit corporation, but we do not have "501-C-3" status with the IRS which would allow for the deductibility of donations.

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