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Travel Plans for Retirement:

    One trip I definitely want to make is to Ireland, and whatever else seems to go with it, e.g., Scotland, UK.  Originally I was thinking of making the trip on a freighter, as my dear ol' Mom would do each summer from Houston while teaching at Lamar Senior High School in the '60's.  She once told us that the only cargo on one of her trips was Volkswagens and elephants!

    However, these days, the freighters seem to have caught on to the demand for a leisurely, no dress up trip, and are charging big bucks, at least if you investigate the organized freighter cruises.  Perhaps you can still obtain individual passage by working with an individual cargo ship company, but I would have to look into that, and answer the question Lynne Elder asked:  "Why would you want to do that?"

    The Naval Academy has offered a trip with a learning bent to it, through a College in Ireland.
    You can also learn something from the University of Limerick, through its off-site links.


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