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Neighborhood News

2015 Bike Path Clean-up:  Anne Hickman's patience with the state's Dept of Transportation has paid off!  The state will be helping with our volunteers to clean up the bike and walking path along Tramway, between Encantado and Lomas.  Please come join us! Meet on Saturday 21 March at the SouthEast corner of Tramway and Copper at 9 am.  DOT is providing safety vests and trash bags. Let's help Anne!  Please let Anne know, and just show up!  

2015 Great American Clean-up:  Not to be outdone, the City will be sponsoring its annual Great American Clean-up on Saturday 25 April from 9 am to noon.   Traditionally, we have cleaned up Supper Rock Park, and the Open Space at end of Copper is another target of opportunity.  Please let Kathleen know if you are interested in participating so she can inform the city and plan the event.

IRS Phone Scams:  IRS imposters are calling using fake names, titles and badge numbers in New Mexico. They may know the last four digits of your Social Security Number, may have caller ID information that appears to be the IRS calling, they may send bogus e-mails to you, and they may call back numerous times claiming to be from the police or from the department of motor vehicles with caller ID again appearing to be from these agencies.  More on this can be found here and here.

Proposed Change to your residential zoning:  City Councilor Isaac Benton has proposed an amendment to zoning code to allow secondary dwellings on lots zoned R-1 or R-2 or R01.  At a recent Environmental Planning Commission (EPC) meeting, representatives from North Valley neighborhoods spoke in favor of the proposed change.  They said they had Councilor Isaac Benton propose the change because their area already had many of these secondary dwellings, currently illegal in R-1 zones. They wanted to legitimize future ones.  At the Land Use, Planning and Zoning (LUPZ) committee hearing on Feb. 11, 2015, Councilor Isaac Benton, who is committee chair, said the secondary dwellings are indeed likely to be rentals and that the rationale for the proposed amendment was to increase density throughout the city.  Public comment was taken at that meeting but Benton deferred a vote on the issue until the March 2015 meeting.  Attached are some notes compiled by Roger Hartman (East Nbhds Coalition) re this issue and current zoning within Don Harris' district 9.  

No Solicitors!  Our own APD Foothills Substation is now offering you a NO SOLICITORS sign free of charge.  Click here for details. Here are some other items from Jill Garcia, Crime Specialist at our Foothills Substation:
  • APD Foothills Area Command web site:; we have a web site now and want all citizens to sign on as subscribers (at the bottom of every page) and they will get automatic emails alerting them when I post to the web site.  I am currently posting Daily Watch Notes on property crimes in the past 24 hours, events, community workshops we are hosting, etc.  It's a great resource.
  • No Solicitors signs:  we have a new supply and they are available at the substation.  Just come by the lobby and get one; if you don't see one just ask one of our Office Assistants.  I've also placed the APD Crime Prevention handout on Door to Door Soliciting with the signs so our citizens can read about the ordinance.  The signs are the size of a license plate and are meant to be posted at the front door, front window or front gate to the home.
  • Foothills Substation Lobby:  I've got a brief write up I did available for the public on the new chip-embedded credit cards rolling out this year and related crime prevention materials on ID Theft, Safety on the Internet, and Preventing Scams, Cons and Fraud.
  • I am working on a community workshop all about helicopters and the APD Air Support Unit.  I've got a target date of Saturday morning, April 4th and the public (and especially kids!) are invited and we'll have the chopper land in front of the station.  I'll post on our web site when we get things finalized in March -- just a heads-up to save the date.

Legislative Bills:  The NM Legislature is now in session in Santa Fe. SRNA is in District 20, and our newly elected representative in the House is Jim Dines; our NM Senator (District 19) is Sue Wilson Beffort.  One can scan the more than 250 bills already introduced for this year's 60 day session at 
 The content of proposed bills run the gamut from a “State Children’s Song” (HB 13), a bill for “Boll Weevil & Bollworm Monitoring” (HB 57) and “No Use of Drones For Hunting” (SB82). There are of course many bills of import, e.g., No (or limited) Driver’s Licenses For Illegals, No Social Promotion, Right To Work. There is even a bill (SB 77) that will give anyone 97 years of age, or older, an exemption from NM State income tax.  SB 269 would change the upper limit of 8-year NM driver's licenses from age 75 to age 79, and would allow for free biennial licenses thereafter.  This bill is sponsored by John Arthur Smith (D-Las Cruces) and has passed two committees unanimously. See details and progress here.

Supper Rock NA sign:  Congrats to our Neighborhood Association on the new display sign, which can be seen near our 'entrance' sign on Copper Blvd, just East of Tramway.  Our neighborhood web site URL ( will be displayed there, as well as pertinent news for the neighborhood.  SRNA President is investigating the possibility of a second sign on Encantado entrance to our neighborhood.  Continue to check your SRNA web site as well.

SRNA Membership:  Dues are $10/year.   Membership Form is here (PDF).

Neighborhood NewsletterClick on the PDF link to read the latest news from the Office of Neighborhood Coordination, City of Albuquerque
Jeffery Russell SubstationOur Foothills Area Command of the Albuquerque Police Department is the only one which has its own web site.  Add to the calendar!  
crimemapping.comProvides details and map of locations of last weeks arrests in Albuquerque
Senior Citizens HikingThe city provides day hikes four to six times a week, leaving from Senior Citizen centers.  Hike the Jemez!  A van will take you and return you.

2015 SRNA Meeting:  The most recent Supper Rock Neighborhood Meeting was held  Saturday, January 24, 2014 at 1 pm at the Providence Presbyterian Church.  The meeting was conducted by Board President Kathleen Schlinder-Wright.  Agenda topics included:  
Cathy Combs and and representatives from the UNM School of Medicine Institute for Ethics presented information on Advance Directives for healthcare. See their website here.  Lindsey Burkhard (Don Harris's Policy Analyst) attended and provided updates about the Four Hills Shopping Center remodeling.   
Next meeting:  Saturday, 25 April 2015, same time and place.

The Annual Supper Rock Neighborhood Meeting was held  Saturday, September 27, 2014 at 1 pm at the Providence Presbyterian Church, 13801 Encantado Road (next to ABQ Health Partners Clinic, Tramway at Encantado).   
The meeting was conducted by Board President Kathleen Schlinder-Wright.  Agenda topics included:
 1. Report from the Jeffery Russell Substation of the Foothills Command of the Albuquerque Police Department
 2. Introductory remarks from the NM House District 20 candidates.  For more info, click: Josh Anderson and Jim Dines   
 3. Report by Councilman Don Harris:  update on Four Hills and neighborhood sign.  For more info, click:  Councilor Don Harris
 4. Approval of revised by-laws for SRNA.  Click for revised by-laws

Here is a recent Police Report for Supper Rock Neighborhood Association area (PDF file; 24 Jan 2014)

Bike/Pedestrian path on Tramway:  Anne Hickman is attempting to get DOT to respond re: allowing SRNA to be "in charge" of a section of the bike and walking trail on East side of Tramway Blvd near our neighborhood. We will accomplish our first clean-up on Saturday, 21 March 2015.  Meet at Copper and Tramway at 9 am.
We would clean the area along the bike path, not the "adopt a highway" larger area.  Perhaps the NM Dept. of Transportation (DOT) will post a sign to recognize SRNA's involvement when assigned.  Known clean-up times are in the Fall and in the Spring; otherwise as needed.  Contact Anne here to get on the list to help! 

Dead Vegetation:   As a result of the 'Great Freeze' of Feb 2011, and again this past winter, many of our yards now have dead pyracantha, dead ice plants, evergreens that are brown and not recovering.  Please note that these dead plants can be an additional fire hazard to yourself and your neighbors during our ongoing drought conditions.  If you need assistance in getting these hazards (and eyesores!) removed, please check with the City or a landscape company - or notify your SRNA officers!

What's happening in Albuquerque?  Local blogs?  Check SRNAdipity !!!
City Services:   Our City of Albuquerque has an excellent City Services Information Line:  dial 311.   This service is also found on-line here. 

Continuing Neighborhood Information
Tramway Trail has undergone million dollar re-hab.  See details here, or quick summary here.  
Click here  to review your Bernalillo County Property Tax records
Where to take your hazardous waste, e.g., old paint and oil cans: information  here
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See the current Pollen Count in Albuquerque. 

Past vandalism in the Supper Rock Neighborhood areas!

Volunteer Opportunities for you

Identity Theft:  What options exist for more secure mail boxes?

 Concerned with vandalism?  Mail or identity theft?  Do you want a Neighborhood Watch program on your block?  Click here for info or call Steve Sink of APD at 924-3600.

Officers and Board:  Supper Rock Neighborhood Association  (slate elected 19 Oct 2013)
Ahmad AssedAnne Gilstrap Ken

Kathleen Schlinder-Wright President Ahmad Assed
Anne Gilstrap  Secretary
Ken O'Keefe
John Raess
Wells Sandia Manor
Sherry Gaines
 at large
Shawn  Taylor
board member

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Park:  Memorial Tree Project
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