Aunt Pat's Collection

Pat - 1946 Bob & Pat w/ car at St Ed's HighSchool
Happy Days at St. Edward High School, Nebraska:  (photo at left) Patricia Hirsch, 1946.  (photo at right)  Bob Bartlett & Pat Hirsch at St. Ed's HS:  1945.
Bob and Pat - wedding day - 1947Bob and Pat - 1980 - color
Bob Bartlett and Patricia Hirsch:  (photo at left) On their wedding day, 24 July 1947.  (photo at right)  Still smiling after 33 years:  Dec 1980.

1966 Christmas Peace card
1966 Christmas Peace Card:  (standing in back):  Bob Bartlett, Denny, Nick, Randy, and Bobby (in tan jacket).   Tim & Patrick in front with Pat holding Monica.
1970 Bartlett Family
1970 Bartlett Family:  Randy – Denny – Bobby – Pat - Tim – Monica

Ella's Family Poem
Poem in Aunt Pat's collection
by Ellen Kealy Hirsch (signed EKH):

To my family - the best in the world

God sent from heaven to bless our home
Ten beautiful babies to call our own
Free will He gave them, with no set goal
Except the privilege to save their soul

                          - E.K.H.

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