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Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA

Family Memorial Pages
MemorialDouglas  Faust  Blackledge    (1970 - 2016)
MemorialHelen  Margaret  Faust  Blackledge    (1943 - 2006)

Web Sites:  M. A. Blackledge

Blackledges in America Approximately 90% of all Blackledge/Blacklidge surnames and descendants in the United States derive from one of four primary progenitor lines dating back to the early 17th and 18th centuries.  A team of three researchers has worked since 1996 to compile this genealogy on Blackleach/Blackledge/Blacklidge families in America. You can locate more information on this project at ,
The Last Thursday Book Club
Angelas Includes booklist as selected by literate yet sensitive mildly mature males. The Club is featured in the Book Club CookBook.
Computer Corner On-Line
Computer Corner is a regular feature of The Quarterly newsletter for the Albuquerque Genealogical Society.  Here is the on-line version of the column, providing tips and information for computer-using genealogists, descriptions of genealogical software,  useful web addresses, and on-line resources.
The United States Naval Academy Class of 1963
Navy Goat The best damn class from "the best damn school in the world."   Webmaster:  Steve Coester 
My personal data page.  
Fourth Company
Home Page

The best damn classmates from the best damn class...  includes links to photos and reports of the time when 4th Company Class of 1963 gathered in Albuquerque:   Oct 6-9, 2005. 
April 2008
 Here's the skinny on the Class of 1963 reunion with emphasis on attendees from 4th Company and 4th Company reunion activities.
Based in Albuquerque, NM.  Often found cheering for Navy Football at a local Sports Bar, e.g., Fox and Hound.
Houston's Lamar Senior High
Class of 1959

The Class of 1959 of ol' Mirabeau B. Lamar Senior High will hold its 50th Reunion in Houston during November 2009.    
50th Reunion Cruise
Our one-week class cruise departs New York City on 26 September 2009.
Serving 7 subdivisions and 700 homes in Albuquerque, NM.
Michael Blackledge
Michael Blackledge
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Yes, I'm on Facebook ... along with a few friends ...
Mike's Blog
Being primarily documented accounts and photo essays of the travels of a Gentleman Pensioner and his New Best Friend Bonnie throughout the United States and parts of the Old World during 2007-2009.

Hirsch Cousins ReunionA destination Reunion was held in Albuquerque on Labor Day Weekend, 2014.

Retirement ManifestoMike retired from 45 years of "Service in the National Interest" on 24 Dec 2004.  So after one year, what were the lessons learned?  Plans and progress?

Presentations and Handouts:  M. A. Blackledge
Genealogy Research:
Technology Tips & Techniques
Presentation to the Sons of the American Revolution
(Albuquerque Chapter) 24 October 2015.   (PowerPoint)
Genealogy Research:
Technology Tips & Techniques
Presentation to the Sons of the American Revolution
(Albuquerque Chapter) 24 October 2015.   (PDF)

Audio (mp3) Sites

The Great God Debate
 Christopher Hitchens and Dr. Mark Roberts (3 hour debate)

Artists and Personal Sites

Beth Shute
Naturalist artist - colorful butterflies from Costa Rica.
Sam Hughes
Southwestern Artist out of Northeastern New Mexico
Betty Lou
Excellent example of personal genealogy site.  Ref:  The Master Genealogist

  Sites Worth Viewing

Front Pages
Today's front page from over 600 english language papers from across the US and the World.
Stimulus Watch
A complete compilation of the 2009 Economic Stimulus package - view by project or city/state.   Video explains.
"Nothing in biology makes sense except in the light of evolution."  Here is Scientific American's Jan 2009 issue.
Auguste Rodin
Rodin's sketchbook - very nicely presented by the Rodin Museum in Philadelphia - click on "Launch the sketchbook"
Only 35 known works of art; here they all are, beautifully displayed.  Click on matrix.

Video Worth Viewing

Is This The Way to Amarillo?
An upbeat music video by some of those crazy Brits in Iraq.
Rick Monday saves the flag
One of the great moments in baseball - 25 April 1976, the Bicentennial Year.
Do You Remember These?
The Statler Brothers take us on a trip down memory lane ...
Back to the Fifties
Remember when?   ...  a PowerPoint-type presentation with music of what life was like in the late 50s.
Sandhill cranes in NE
Crane Cam
Live web cam from National Geographic:  half a million sandhill cranes descending on Nebraska's Platte River.  (Yes, I know, we have sandhills and whoopers at the Bosque del Apache in New Mexico, however we are a poor state and can't afford a web cam.  You are invited to click for some great still shots.)

Genographic Project

Where do I come from?  Geneticist Spencer Wells and a team of scientists are attempting to answer that question by collecting DNA samples from people all over the world.  The five-year-long Genographic Project is sponsored by National Geographic, the Waitt Family Foundation, and IBM.  Click on Ancestral Map.
Chris Bliss
Can you not sit still when hearing your favorite song?  Here is a juggling  interpretation.
Circus China
Gymnasts on the Russian Acrobatic Bar.  4 minutes

Slideshow Sites of Substance

Deep Space Photo Show
Hubble Telescope showcase:  slideshow of hundreds of spectacular pictures.
Powers of Ten
View the Milky Way at 10 million light years from the Earth. Then move through space towards the Earth in successive orders of magnitude until you reach a tall oak treeContinue through the cell structure.
First they came for the Communists...
Martin Niemller may not have written this famous statement on moral degradation - however it has been modified by many.  The true story.
Thomas Jefferson Lest we forget - "The tree of Liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants."
Till Then
Moving tribute to our troops in Iraq as accompanied by choral music.
The Rock
On lonely Highway 25 in Iowa, young Sorensen's artwork for America.
Nigerian Scam
What happens if one responds to those third-world bank account scams?  "Sir Luny-Binn" disses the Lads from Lagos.  Ref:  Scam-O-Rama.

Blackledge/Faust Family Book and Work Related Sites

Cedar Knoll Books
Dr. Dick Blide's book: Heartfelt of his travails and triumph in Pagosa Springs, CO is available through this site.
Birding for Children Tawny's ex-spouse Art Minton has this site to publicize his book -  available for ordering.
ForceNet 2006
Brother Peter Blackledge (USNA '69) was working on this Navy project in the CNO's office in the Pentagon (and Crystal City).
Georgia Children's Cabinet
Annabeth's partner Elaine DeCostanza is working with the Children's Council. 
Blackledges in America
Access to the genealogy of the Blackledge/Blacklidge family in North America.  Order form downloadable.
family recipes
My three gorgeous sisters have provided some great recipes - especially for siblings.  
Quasi-Clever Sayings
Those great quotes one comes across and just does not want to lose ... feel free to contribute your own candidates.
Photo Op Page
For those interested in visualizing the immediate family.


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